dinsdag 27 mei 2008

Cute Card Thursday 11

Here is the card I made for CCT 11. I saw these selfmade flowers . I found some on the internet and tried it. I also used my shewing machine and Copic Markers to make this card.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the last items. They inspire me so much. It's so much fun visiting all these lovely blogs with creations.

I came across this site by Karin. She would like organise the biggest card swap ever. I just love to make and receive cards, so I signed myself up. If you enjoy making cards too go over to Karin's site and send her an e-mail.

There is also an worldwide birthday list. Where you can join whenever you like.

117 opmerkingen:

Jutta zei

Hoi Marja,
heel bedankt voor je reactie. Je kaartje vind ik prachtig en het idee met de selfmade flowers super!
Groetjes, Jutta

Janny zei

wooow gaaf Marja! en die gehaakte bloemen zijn prachtiggggg!

Andrea, zei

Beautiful card, fabulous image and I love the flower which you made.
Thanks for joining in the CCT challenge

Alina zei

Het kaartje is zo leuk geworden !

Agnes van Hensbergen - agnesstampcards zei

Mooi kaartje ,vind het papier super en het idee voor de bloem ook en wat blijven de hanglers schatjes.

Gunilla/Nilla zei

LOVE this card and the stamp is so cute, great work!
Have a great day

Trina zei

Beautiful card!! I love your self made flower, and the stitching on it is awesome!! Great card!

Monie zei

Dit is een mooie kaart Marja! je bloem is echt leuk zo met de zigzagsteekjes!

Anja's weblog zei

En deze kaart ziet er ook superleuk uit. Prachtige kleurtjes ook.


Alma zei

Prachtig kaartje! Leuk met de zelfgemaakte bloem!!

Elisabeth zei

wwooooooow you have made soooooo much beautiful since I visited you.. this card was so cute;)

have a lovelly evening

hugs from elisabeth

Michele Kovack zei

This is so cute!

Kathy zei

I love this card, Marja!! All the details and colors are gorgeous!! Beautiful job!

Deb zei

fabulous card, love the image and your gorgeous flower! thank you for joining in the CCT challenge

Unknown zei

Wonderful card, great colors! Love hte selfmade flower!! You`re so talented!!

Have a greta weekend!


Ila zei

Wowzers!! this is Gorgeous!! I love the colors..creative flower...coloring...image...everything!!

Karin zei

Hi Marja,

ben even op jullie blogs aan het snufflen. heb ik eindelijk tijd voor.
Wat maak jij een geweldig mooie dingen zeg. Helemal top.
Fijn weekend
xoxo karin

Jolanda zei

Leuk kaartje Marja! gaaf die zelf gehaakte bloemetjes!

Beth Norman-Roberts zei

Very cute. I like the flower.

sandra_w zei

Super leuk kaartje, Marja!! Heel leuk die zelf gehaakte blommen...;o)

Camilla zei

Beautiful card! Great colours, and such a cute image:) Hugs, Camilla.

sophia landry zei

This is gorgeous Marja!! She looks so cute framed by the flower. Such a lovely combination of colors and papers too. You try out combinations that I would never think of using, and make it look so good!

Peet zei

ontzettend mooi, marja!!! prachtige bloem!!!

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